Cool stuff with CSS

This website has been develped totally with CSS. Being a big fan of java, a bit of java applets are going to be included. Other than the mix of java applets and the images here and there developed with GIMP, which is freely available for download, everything to do with the style and/or layout of the webpage you are viewing is the product of CSS and my imagination, ofcourse ...

This is just the beginning. I have another webpage with a different look and feel which is still entirely a product of CSS. Proud to say "I have become more fond of CSS", which I have always been ever since CSS1 which I learnt during my studies at RMIT University, and would continue to use it to develop better and better websites as I progress into my web development carrier.

Browser compatibility

The site has been tested for the latest browser versions of the following: IE, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It has not been tested on the older versions. I hope that readers out there visiting this site make an adjustment by upgrading to the latest versions of their browsers as there are some of the new features of CSS used that may not work in older versions. In the end happy browsing. And stay put for more exciting things to come.
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